Thursday, May 12, 2011

Marketing & Promotion Specialist

Looking for marketing & promotion specialist(s) for one CJP-NHRecords project.

Requires a love of all kinds of music & the extensive abilities in online marketing, team building as someone with leading creative abilities, to be a specialist
member of CJP-NHRecords.

Contract(s) Co-Operational Agreement provided.

Company, CJP-NHRecords, has a BBB rating of A+ in CA USA which our company didn't pay for this A+ listing. Company based in Los Angeles County since 1989 listed with Billboard & Trade publication listings (i.e.,Dun&Brad) and has offices in San Diego County and Central Europe. CJP-NHRecords has commercial music products which have proven marketability by being radio broadcast charted worldwide as investors in the business required.

The founder, CEC (Chief Executive Consultant), is a NARAS (Grammy) & ACM voting member as well as other professional music & business organizations nationally & internationally.

This opportunity is to provide a co operational agreement contract from CJP-NHRecords for online marketing & promotion world wide for one year with a review after first reported net profits from CJP-NHRecords distributors & other sources - The contract has a release clause. There are also positions for Nikki Hornsby music licensing agreements through direct contact & marketing.

Send 1 pg resume as attachment in MSWord Doc. format or PDF attached in email to:

with a copy (cc) sent to

Will be reviewed and contacted asap for a phone interview and a short Q&A .

The option to start with flexibility of several hours per week is acceptable in the music industry since multi-flexibility is granted in times of internet work from any location on the globe through the internet by using network or direct connections.

The offer, with this particular project, will show your ability to be responsible and accomplish a goal for only one MP3 file or for all Nikki Hornsby Music in licensing agreements. This project shows creative abilities to accomplishing marketing tasks within a year as this agreement is success based.

The MP3 file is chosen from our list by the candidate themselves to work, and the percentage is higher than any offered directly for work accomplished even providing the same percent with licensing acquisitions for TV & film for one year. With successes noted after one year the review will be to renew to the next year option. Also with notable success the presentation of other positions available within the company will be provided.

Remember even this type of work, the percentage for each chosen song file downloaded net earnings is contracted for one year. With our CJP-NHRecords specialist as a project manager you have a high return which includes [with CJP-NHRecords approval] a worldwide publishing licensing agreement of net at a higher percentage.

Those who have worked in business know that an opportunity like this does not come along often with a music product that has already proven marketability. All the available songs have proven marketability here in the USA and internationally prior to this project being started.

Thank you for your time and let's get everyone who wants to work back to work with music!

CJP Staff

CJPStaff posting approved by Founder/CEC Ms. Hornsby